Main Street for the 21st Century™

Locable is a growing network of local community websites and their associated social media presences that act as Main Street for the 21st Century™ for the communities they serve. We have a unique Network/Affiliate structure that mirrors network television however our “Affiliates” are local community publications (a combination of community magazines, community newspapers, and online-only hyperlocal sites) which possess incredible relevance, relationships and audience.

Our publishers work with Locable because we future-proof their business thanks to a turn-key program to strengthen communities while enabling community-based publications to:

  • Become more profitable in print & online
  • Build an online community and help businesses join the conversation
  • Systematically grow their audience and expand their business over time by working smarter not harder

We get it, publishing is hard and a lot of work and there’ve been way too many empty promises about technology-this, and new fangled-widget-that. We’re pragmatic, systematic, 100% on your side – we understand technology is a tool and most people don’t live online, we understand that local businesses want to thrive while maintaining work-life balance and they can’t afford to spend their hard-earned money without results, and we understand that your publication has found something that works and delivers value to readers and advertisers so everything we do at Locable builds on that foundation to reinforce not undermine what you’ve spent years, decades, or even centuries building.

We’ll let you in on a little secret, when you’re “doing digital right” your business and your community will be transformed for the better in ways you can’t imagine but we’d love to show you.

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What We Are NOT

If there’s one thing we know for certain, it’s that digital can be confusing and what we do here at Locable is regularly mistaken for other similar solutions or services. We want to clear that up!

We’re not a Custom Web Design Solution for Publishers

While we do design websites for local business, and in some cases marketing websites for publishers, Locable doesn’t build custom content-driven websites for publishers. We instead provide a proven framework built on our carefully-crafted game-changing Community Content Engine. This platform enables publishers, in ways no other system can, to build community online, drive engagement and become the single best destination to connect with the things that matter most, just like Main Street used to be in the days before the internet. While websites that are powered by the Community Content Engine utilize a common framework, styling can be customized to reflect your brand.

We’re not a Software Vendor

While our software solution is unique and powerful we are much more than a software vendor. Software is a tool, the right software is a powerful tool, but if publishers aren’t using it correctly it’s little more than a virtual paperweight. Our Media Accelerator introduces and advances best-practices in content and sales that span print, web, social media and email to ensure every action a publisher and their team takes results in the highest ROI as measured by revenue, brand exposure, traffic/readership, value to advertisers, and readership experience.

We’re not a One-Size-Fits-All Company

We feel strongly that print is not dying and local must be authentic. As such, we must work together to be successful which comprises the core of our competitive advantage (the network) when it comes to local. That is why we’ve chosen to partner with local publishers instead of going at it alone. We’re not trying to take over your brand, we work with you and simply enable you to be better at what you’re already doing to become the dominant local media source in your market.

We’re not a SEO, SEM or Social Media Agency

Sure, we provide agency-like services and our approach enable publishers to optimize across SEO & Social (SEM is paid in case you’re unfamiliar) while equipping your staff to do content and social right – again, work smarter not harder. More than that, our approach engages your readers and encourages them to spread the word which is the most powerful way to grow your reach online.


Locable Values and Value

Locable Philosophy

Here at Locable we have a number of very strong beliefs and opinions as such we often rely on analogies to help publishers and business owners understand our approach and/or the realities of the changing media landscape. Here are a few of our Locable-ism’s, values and guiding beliefs:

  • People care about their community and there is opportunity in serving that need.
  • For advertisers, it’s about Audience with a capital “A”. If you’re engaging your audience in print, on the web, through social media, via mobile or whatever else comes along to create unique integrated experience for them, new opportunities will not be threats to your business. Success requires an integrated approach across all media.
  • The right technology solves a problem, the wrong technology creates many new ones.
  • Print isn’t dying, legacy print-only businesses are struggling to adapt. Smaller publishers can use their size as an advantage.
  • Local business owners are generally terrible marketers in need of help and  if you don’t provide it someone else will at the detriment of your print revenue.
  • You’re not in the publishing business, you’re in the media business. You need to stop identifying with your print product and start focusing on your brand.
  • SEO and social media are not optional endeavors. It doesn’t have to be a lot of work but it does have to be done and unlike print, where each issue is discrete and self-contained, digital is a continuous flow and thus less forgiving of inconsistent efforts or “waiting another 6-months”.


Why Choose to Partner with Locable (a.k.a. Why You Can’t Afford To Do It Alone)

Locable future-proofs your business by constantly evaluating the media landscape and applying what we learn to our programs and software so you can focus on your core business.

  • We’re always enhancing our playbook enabling you to drive more revenue and build community with less work because we can leverage the success of other publications in the network (and even those outside of it) and share that with our Affiliates.
  • We provide sales and marketing coaching, training and support to help you close more business in print and online.
  • We provide marketing collateral for you to use during your sales process.
  • We provide operational assistance both in sales and marketing including administering social promotions.
  • We empower publishers to drive digital traffic from their print publication, effectively extending the value of the things you already do.
  • Locable’s Community Content Engine (CMS) is the most effective, efficient and engaging way to build a local community content site. Period.
  • Our web platform is packed with lots of great features specifically deigned to engage the community and grow revenue in both print and digital. And we’re adding new features daily.
  • We educate local businesses on why digital is important and provide them with tools to get them involved in the community. Often times we can bring more business to you through that relationship.
  • You can generate alternative revenue streams and offer additional marketing solutions, like web development, to your existing advertiser without the overhead.
  • We deliver nationwide reach that allows us to attract national advertisers, syndicate relevant content and qualify for bulk discounts on prizes, third-party services and more.


See Our Story for background on how we got here.