5 Ideas for Local Focused Articles (By the Numbers)

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Producing and publishing content is hard work so you want to make sure that whatever content you do create is going to pay dividends in the form of more traffic for your site but coming up with ideas can be challenging. So we’ve dug into the numbers from the Locable Publisher Network since the beginning of September to see what has resonated most with readers so far this month. Here is what we came up with (complete with examples and the traffic each article generated).

Help Clients Understand Free Doesn’t Mean “No Cost”

Don't feel bad about gently informing clients they're wrong about marketing assumptions.

It’s so easy to fall into the trap of going with the free option. What’s the risk? It’s free after all. I wrote about this general line of thinking when it comes to publishers a few months ago and today I wanted to help publishers address it when they hear it from local businesses. I was recently playing a round of golf with a local surgeon who asked what I do, I explained we help businesses improve their marketing including their web presence etc. as many small businesses have no website or a poor website. He replied by saying, “that sounds like our site, it’s not any good but, hey, it’s free.” Unfortunately, this sort… [Read More]

Businesses Are Spending 21% of Marketing Budget on Social Media

Spend for Online Presence & Engagement is Increasing Strongly

It’s become clear that many local businesses have adopted Facebook and use social media more actively. A recent report by BIA Kelsey indicates 55% of local businesses have a Facebook page and 20% have paid to promote a post. This investment of time, money, and mindshare has implications for local publishers who are looking to deliver unique value. Their added efforts have also resulted in ongoing updates to what people see on Facebook which has reduced the reach of an organic post on a Facebook Page. While that’s a challenge for publishers it’s also an opportunity who embrace a social-media minded strategy. More than that, this added interest in social is a wave publishers should be riding to… [Read More]

6 Places Publishers Can Look For New Prospects

Yelp Listings

Prospecting is about filling the top of the funnel with lots of names. It doesn’t necessarily mean you need to call on every single person but it means you have an endless (or at least big enough) list of potential customers that you always have someone new to call. Who you choose to call next should be based on who you think is most likely to buy, but this list will provide you with 6 sources to find new leads and a couple tricks to give you a reason to reach out to them that isn’t intrusive.

3 Simple Tips for Publishers to Improve Reach & Engagement on Facebook

Don't fall prey to the simple mistakes people make on Facebook

We’ve talked a lot about the changes at Facebook and how they’re limiting the reach of pages, this affects publishers and your advertisers. With all of the changes happening there are some simple things you can do to consistently maximize your efforts – we’re all about working smarter not harder so stop spinning your wheels. Here are the 3 Quick Wins for Publishers Using Facebook Reach & Engagement Use large images – Facebook’s newsfeed is highly image-centric and large images are shown more and shared more Add a unique message along with the links you’re sharing – add context, color, or simply ask a question “What do you think?” Schedule out your posts targeting 3-4… [Read More]

How a $400 One-Time Contest Can Make You $2500 per Year

Social Promotional Call To Action

If you’ve followed our blog for any length of time you know how we love talking about Social Promotions (SoPros)- contests and sweepstakes that are run in such a way as to leverage social media i.e. “go viral.” There a many permutations from contests to sweepstakes, quick hitting to multi-month, they can be web-only or combined effectively with print but in all cases if they’re done well they’re highly engaging. It’s this engagement that makes them so profitable for publishers. Clearly businesses want to sponsor activities that get their name out there and are well received so one successful promotion leads to another but there’s more to it than that. Facebook is so ubiquitous most local… [Read More]

Do You Have an Effective Distribution Strategy? (Local Audience Development)

Do you have a distribution strategy?

Simply being present isn’t a distribution strategy and without a distribution strategy you aren’t capable of effectively marketing your business. Having something to say, even something important and useful to say, isn’t enough. As the video explains, simply having a presence be it a website, Facebook page, brick & mortar store, or even a print publication is not sufficient. When I snuck out early to go golfing I was shocked to find the course completely empty, it appeared abandoned. While it made for a fast round of golf for me it made for a financial loss for the golf course because they didn’t have an effective distribution strategy to share their great deal. Are you… [Read More]

When is $300 Less Expensive Than Free?

$300 is less expensive than free when the $300 is an investment in something useful. Given how much is available to us in this day and age for free it’s easy to get sucked into the free-is-better mentality. Why should I advertise when I can post to Facebook? Why should I pay for service when I can do it myself? Why should I pay for a car, and gas, and insurance when I can walk? That last one is probably more obvious than the first two, you should only pay for things that bring you value. That value can be in the form of profit (or risk mitigation in the case of insurance), time savings,… [Read More]

The Real Reason Legacy (Print) Publishers Fear Digital

Notice the ridiculous headlines? These are intentionally stupid yet drive clicks & readership.

What is it you’re most proud of as a print publisher? I bet the quality of your product (however you define it) is in the top 3. But the quality of your product isn’t necessarily a reflection of your process – or lack thereof. With digital, process wins over product. Sure, quality matters but consistency and persistence is more importance in many ways. Cleverness and distribution methods (social, email, SEO) matter. If you’re a web only publisher don’t think you’re automatically exempt from having your false idols, quality reporting is important but if you’re not playing the game the right way you’re still in trouble. Moreover, digital media is still evolving and you see publishers belittling… [Read More]