The 9 Most Critical Sources Of Local Content For Local Publishers

Police and Fire

Whether you’re looking to build a local news media site or a local lifestyle publication, finding great local content is critical to your success. Taking the time to develop a few key relationships within your community will help keep a steady stream of news and stories filling your inbox and making your life easier.

Remaining Print-Only is Foolish But Not for the Reasons You Think

We all make foolish mistakes in business from time to time

Digital is not replacing print – at least not in the way you think if you’re a local publisher. In nearly every business you strive to identify opportunities to introduce new product lines. My father-in-law runs a local HVAC (heating and air conditioning) business and a few years ago added solar installation because his company was fundamentally well equipped to offer this new product which results in new value and more revenue. A retailer is always on the lookout for new clothing lines that will be well received by their customers – either to meet their current customers needs or to attract a new clientele. Product extension doesn’t detract from the ‘current’ offering when done… [Read More]

Don’t Overlook Opportunities to Add Value in Mundane Conversation

SImple conversations are the spice of life and can make a big difference.

When someone asks a question it’s easy to give a simple answer however there’s often much more to the sentiment behind the questions. We regularly field questions from publishers ranging from simple things like how to update their homepage or target an advertisement to more advanced things like how to effectively post their print content online and leverage it across social media and email newsletters. I make it a personal goal to not merely answer their immediate question but help them attain a deeper understanding. It’s good business and the right thing to do. It’s akin to the difference between giving a man a fish and teaching a man to fish, in the latter case… [Read More]

Are You Engaging? A Simple Example and a Quick Tip From Facebook About Using Facebook

How you post matters more than what you post in many cases.

How you do things matter as much as what you do, especially when it comes to content and it’s reach within search engines and social media. For instance, there are two publishers we work with with comparable ‘fan bases’ but very different engagement. Publisher A has just under 7k FB fans and serves a community of some 30-40k people. Publisher B has just under 8k FB fans and serves a community of a few hundred thousand people. Publisher A‘s average post reaches 7k people with better posts reaching 15k or more (keep in mind FB average is roughly 2% of the fanbase so even ‘average’ posts are killing it). Publisher B‘s average post reaches 200-300… [Read More]

3 Super-Easy Ways to Use Family Features Content to Make Your Editorial Life Easier

Conversation Starter

The life of a publisher isn’t an easy one. We’ve got people pulling us in tons of different directions. The sales staff, the editorial team, advertisers, business partners, prospects, leads, our families. With your focus on any one of these tasks limited, where do we find time to concentrate on driving traffic and gaining a better social media following? Some publishers may gawk at the idea of using “canned content,” but today, we’ll show you three ways to use it to your advantage without sacrificing quality.

One Thing Every Publisher Needs To Do In 2015

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Call it a New Years resolution or call it a goal but the one thing every publisher needs to do in 2015 is to start treating their digital presence as an opportunity to drive real revenue rather than a necessary evil! Even if you’re like many publishers and look at your website as an expense, it’s relatively easy to turn that around quickly. In 2015 resolve to leverage your digital efforts to increase revenues and your bottom line with this simple plan.

Last Minute Small Business Saturday Ideas for Local Publishers

Oswego Businesses Offering Bargains Saturday

In 2010, American Express started Small Business Saturday to help businesses get more customers and ever since then it has grown into a powerful movement that encourages people to shop small. As a local publisher, you are uniquely positioned to champion the effort in your community or as American Express calls it “Rally Your Neighborhood”. Steven Jack, of, has done a nice job promoting the day for his community and we’ve outlined how he did it along with a couple other ideas to take advantage of #‎SmallBizSat‬.

Locable’s Publisher Concierge Services Expands Beyond Initial Pilot

Locable's Full-Service Publisher Concierge Service

In July we piloted a new full-service offering called the Publisher Concierge with Mansfield Magazine, a bi-monthly print magazine serving the growing community of Mansfield, TX and now we’ve expanded the service to additional communities. Continue reading to learn about some of the results along with what we often do for local publishers to create a compelling digital presence that complements and enhances their print presence. had been a Locable Affiliate for nearly two years however as a very lean organization they didn’t have the manpower or expertise to run their combined digital presences (website, Facebook page, email newsletter & associated outreach) effectively. With Locable’s Publisher Concierge service we effectively took over these functions and… [Read More]

Quick Bytes: Selling When Your Website is New and Small

Quick digital insights for local publishers

We get the opportunity to work with publishers of all types and sizes and regularly field important questions. We’re introducing a new series called Quick Bytes where we’ll answer their question(s) on video and produce a short post related to it so other publishers can learn from their experiences. In this first episode we address the following question from a quarterly magazine (edited to shorten): I am meeting with a real estate agency. My contact has a background in digital sales.  He has asked me to bring information regarding website traffic.  Specifically, he wants data from Google Analytics and our audience (i.e. who are we specifically reaching, how are they utilizing the site),  etc.  I… [Read More]