Last Minute Small Business Saturday Ideas for Local Publishers

Oswego Businesses Offering Bargains Saturday

In 2010, American Express started Small Business Saturday to help businesses get more customers and ever since then it has grown into a powerful movement that encourages people to shop small. As a local publisher, you are uniquely positioned to champion the effort in your community or as American Express calls it “Rally Your Neighborhood”. Steven Jack, of, has done a nice job promoting the day for his community and we’ve outlined how he did it along with a couple other ideas to take advantage of #‎SmallBizSat‬.

Quick Bytes: Selling When Your Website is New and Small

Quick digital insights for local publishers

We get the opportunity to work with publishers of all types and sizes and regularly field important questions. We’re introducing a new series called Quick Bytes where we’ll answer their question(s) on video and produce a short post related to it so other publishers can learn from their experiences. In this first episode we address the following question from a quarterly magazine (edited to shorten): I am meeting with a real estate agency. My contact has a background in digital sales.  He has asked me to bring information regarding website traffic.  Specifically, he wants data from Google Analytics and our audience (i.e. who are we specifically reaching, how are they utilizing the site),  etc.  I… [Read More]

Pages to Watch – Mining Facebook Insights for Content Ideas, Competitive Intel & Prospecting

Facebook Pages to Watch Screenshot

We live in a world replete with data, statistics and analytics but that doesn’t mean that all of them or actionable or even worth our attention – given the daily grind. In this post and the attached video I show you how to setup and use Facebook Page Insights data to keep an eye on competitors, find content ideas and even track prospects to be better prepared to close. Adding Pages to Watch Visit your Facebook page and click on Insights when logged in as a page admin. Then scroll to the bottom to add Pages to Watch, you have to add at least 5. Add competitors, sites you like/respect that are similar enough to… [Read More]

Discernment and Decision Making, Are You Smarter Than a 6 Year Old?

Sometimes we make decision-making harder than it needs to be.

My family and I recently moved into a new home – new as in new to us – and the faucets and fixtures are from the 80’s. This has practical implications for our family as our eldest child is still just 6 years old and thus none of our kids can turn on the faucet in their bathroom to wash their hands without help. As responsible parents we’re preparing to replace the faucets and my son (the aforementioned 6 year old) asked, “If the faucets are bad why did we even move in here?” In his mind in that moment the faucets were the most important aspect of the house and they didn’t work we… [Read More]

How Publishers Can Close the Gap Between The Sales and Editorial Teams

Editorial-Sales Gap

At first glance, you may not see much overlap between the sales team and the editorial team but when you take a closer look you will realize that there is a HUGE opportunity to work together for the greater good of your publication. Sales reps can help source new stories which is often a challenging and time consuming (or at the very least annoying) task for editors while editors can give the sales reps a good reason to call a prospect or existing advertiser.

Planning Will Fail You While Goal Setting Will Keep Your Relevant

Simple goal setting makes planning more relevant.

If you printed out all the business plans from US businesses over the last 50 years and stacked them up they’d stretch to the Moon. Ok, I completely made that up but clearly we’re indoctrinated from an early age to plan and ‘writing a business plan is critical’ has become a widely held belief bordering on common sense. Except it’s wrong. Don’t fall prey to the fancy sound “fail to plan, plan to fail.” In business, planning can do you in. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not arguing against developing a plan as a roadmap the problem is we often make that roadmap our idol. We pray to it, worship it, and never think to trade… [Read More]

7 Ways Publishers Can Re-purpose Existing Content

Repurposing Existing Content

Creating content is hard work and is often one of the most time consuming and expensive parts of being a publisher. This can be even more true when you start to consider that publishing online requires even more content than print but fear not cause all content creation isn’t created equal. Online publishers have the opportunity to reuse and re-purpose content in many ways to lesson the burden on the editorial team. Here are a few of our favorites.

5 Ideas for Local Focused Articles (By the Numbers)

Coming Soon

Producing and publishing content is hard work so you want to make sure that whatever content you do create is going to pay dividends in the form of more traffic for your site but coming up with ideas can be challenging. So we’ve dug into the numbers from the Locable Publisher Network since the beginning of September to see what has resonated most with readers so far this month. Here is what we came up with (complete with examples and the traffic each article generated).