Do You Have an Effective Distribution Strategy? (Local Audience Development)

Do you have a distribution strategy?

Simply being present isn’t a distribution strategy and without a distribution strategy you aren’t capable of effectively marketing your business. Having something to say, even something important and useful to say, isn’t enough. As the video explains, simply having a presence be it a website, Facebook page, brick & mortar store, or even a print publication is not sufficient. When I snuck out early to go golfing I was shocked to find the course completely empty, it appeared abandoned. While it made for a fast round of golf for me it made for a financial loss for the golf course because they didn’t have an effective distribution strategy to share their great deal. Are you… [Read More]

When is $300 Less Expensive Than Free?

$300 is less expensive than free when the $300 is an investment in something useful. Given how much is available to us in this day and age for free it’s easy to get sucked into the free-is-better mentality. Why should I advertise when I can post to Facebook? Why should I pay for service when I can do it myself? Why should I pay for a car, and gas, and insurance when I can walk? That last one is probably more obvious than the first two, you should only pay for things that bring you value. That value can be in the form of profit (or risk mitigation in the case of insurance), time savings,… [Read More]

The Real Reason Legacy (Print) Publishers Fear Digital

Notice the ridiculous headlines? These are intentionally stupid yet drive clicks & readership.

What is it you’re most proud of as a print publisher? I bet the quality of your product (however you define it) is in the top 3. But the quality of your product isn’t necessarily a reflection of your process – or lack thereof. With digital, process wins over product. Sure, quality matters but consistency and persistence is more importance in many ways. Cleverness and distribution methods (social, email, SEO) matter. If you’re a web only publisher don’t think you’re automatically exempt from having your false idols, quality reporting is important but if you’re not playing the game the right way you’re still in trouble. Moreover, digital media is still evolving and you see publishers belittling… [Read More]

What activities do local publishers outsource? (Plus, Answer Our Publisher Outsourcing Poll!)

Hiring can be hard and time consuming not to mention expensive, what can you outsource?

Outsourcing has become an ever more prominent part of doing business and it’s accelerating with the spread of web-based services which enable us to do more with less. Peter Drucker, the management guru who spent nearly 70 years observing, informing and shaping the field of management has much to say on the topic including one of my favorite business quotes: “In the Next Society’s corporation, top management will be the company. Everything else can be outsourced.” Peter went on to write, “Focus on your organization’s values, mission, and vision, and consider outsourcing everything else.” For most publishers outsourcing things like printing and web-hosting are old hat, few have printing presses or servers in their back office…. [Read More]

How to Post Each Issue Online & Engage Your Audience


You’re a print publisher and your publication just went to print, now what should you do? This is the position a lot of local publishers find themselves in. You know you need to post content online and that you should probably schedule some sort of email newsletter and Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest is beckoning you to post something. So where do you start? If you’re in this position then digital is clearly an afterthought and you’ve already left some real opportunity to engage the community on the table. Follow this plan to when deciding what to post online in order to engage your audience, work smarter and grow your revenue.

Top Read Content From the Locable Network for May 2014


This is the second installment of our new monthly segment where we’re highlighting the most read content from the past month across the Locable Network – specifically the most popular local articles and events. Local content never ceases to amaze and we’ve learned not to underestimate the power of one’s pride in their community. Some content has an obvious viral hook while others are simply popular because of their local relevance and from looking in as an outsider they’re seemingly run-of-the-mill. As always, this is far from a scientific review particularly given that our Most Read recaps will follow the calendar month while some of the most popular articles are posted late in a given month… [Read More]

How To Create a List of Local Nonprofits

Car Wash Fundraiser

My fourth and fifth week at Locable consisted of helping Ryan compile a list of nonprofits based out of southern NH. Searching for local charities seemed like a reasonably easy task but turned out to be a bit more difficult than I originally anticipated. The parameters of the task were to create a list of non-profits that would be likely to do a “car wash” style fundraiser in the area of Concord, Bow and Hopkinton. Finding these smaller, more local non-profits required a little bit of search engine finesse so I put this list together in order to help speed along the process for you.

Why Trying to Attract Large (National) Advertisers Online is a Bad Idea for Local

The conventional wisdom is that attracting national advertisers to local would mean big money. It doesnt.

“Can you help us attract large national advertisers to our site?” Sounds like a perfectly reasonable question and implied goal. It’s NOT! For print publishers the idea of a national advertiser makes total sense. In fact we wrote a blog about the challenges of attracting large brands just a couple weeks ago. Simply drop some mediocre piece of content or house ad make room or add pages if necessary. But the situation online is far different because ad space is much more finite (on a given page). Most national advertisers limit their buy to more traditional display ads online and they are looking to reach, well, everybody. Or at least a major demographic of the population… [Read More]

There’s No System in Anything… but there should be

The history of Lego has a lot to offer to today's local media companies.

What do Lego, the iPod/iPhone/iPad, and LinkedIn all have in common? They all bring a system to a previously fragmented market – they have an integrated approach that brings the pieces that people want together within their given industry. In many case, they’re also inventing some key pieces along the way. Below you’ll find a fun 17 minute video which shares the “History of Lego,” it’s well worth the 17 minutes especially if you or your kids enjoy Legos. At the 10:10 mark in the video the founder’s son is on a sea voyage and an American complaining about the state of the toy industry says, “There’s no system in anything!” This leads Lego down a path to create… [Read More]

Large Brands Love the Idea but Hate the Reality of Local Publications

Marketing options are plenty but effectiveness is often lacking. Local publications can be a terrific option.

When we started what was to become Locable as a research project back in January of 2009 we knew we needed to understand the world in which we lived and so we talked to large brands and ad agencies, the sorts of folks that pump 10′s or 100′s of millions of dollars each and every year into print advertising. It turned out these conversations significantly influenced our approach and, in fact, what we were actually doing. By virtue of being students, and MBAs at a fairly prestigious school, we were able to garner an audience with folks that would be much harder to reach otherwise and they shared surprisingly similar sentiments. It would go something like this:… [Read More]